Tuesday, 27 May 2008

VRG show'n'tell - Thurs 8th May

Adam Gent, Arts Development Officer from Bournemouth Council was invited to give an informal talk on visual art projects that he is co-ordinating in Bournemouth including the Enchanted Gardens event in the lower gardens (August 2008) & the Bicentenary Streets of Bournemouth project (2010). Adam outlined how he is keen for local artists to contact him in regards to exhibiting their work in public spaces within the city.

Projects presented included - Susan Sloan & Adam Vanner’s, collaborative 2nd Life Project with Niki McCretton . Peter Hardie’s new animations focused on simulating leaves floating on the surface of water. Boredomresearchs’ flower generating software which was developed for a public artwork in the Metrocentre Gateshead (image above). Lizzie Sykes current work in development exploring the compass rose and Paula Callus’s Phd research trip to Academie des Beaux Arts in Kinshasa.

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Is this in England?